bag in box system / IBC - IBC 500




Due to its thought-out construction, the Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is a reusable transport system for liquids which saves money within the goods cycle.


Advantages in comparison to traditional one-way transport tanks:


Costs per transport are reduced considerably

Reusable container (only liner bag is disposable)

Hygiene – no decaying, no corrosion, easy cleaning


Safety – product is protected; in combination with the RFID transponder the IBC can be traced

Easy filling, emptying and transport

Optimal space utilization – stackable and collapsible


The new IBC has a considerable cost advantage in comparison to conventional systems due to the collapsible construction and the changeable liner bags.


The new IBC offers maximum safety and hygiene through changeable liner bags – on request also available in antiseptic form.



Article No.

IBC 500

Outside dimensions:

120 x 80 x 91 cm

Inside dimensions:

111 x 71 x 69 cm

Height collapsed:

43 cm

Useful height:

69 cm


500 l

Loading capacity:

650 kg

Statistic stackable:


Dynamic stackable:


IBC 500

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